Friday, November 2, 2007

Max and Deuce!

See how adorable my boys are when they are sleeping?
So many people asked us what we were going to do with Deuce when the baby got here...ummm nothing out of the ordinary. I am not sure what answer people expected but Deuce is a part of our family. He is spoiled and a little bit crazy but I have to say that he really is doing pretty great with Max. He is very protective of both of us and always wants to check on the baby. He loves to lick his head and toes and we are trying to avoid the face licking. Even if he is outside and he hears Max make a noise he runs back in to check on him.
We did do some extra training with Deuce before Max got here and it paid off. Just a few lessons gave us the tools to control him in a better way. If you have been to our house recently you know he is better at the door. And if you knew him a year ago you know how much he has grown up and improved!
Dogs and babies can go together. Yes, it's more work. I have to watch them carefully and I don't ever leave them unsupervised together but I think they are going to grow up and be best buddies. I hope that Max has an appreciation for animals and life because of Deuce. My german sheperd, Buster, growing up was a huge part of my life! And I know that Deuce will have fun with Max when he gets a bit older. The most fun he has now is stealing dirty diapers and trying to eat them. Hence us trying to avoid the face licking!
Love-Jess and Mad Max

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Granny Lisa said...

Max is doing so great with Max. He is a good dog. I can already see improvements in his behavior. They will be BIG buddies one day...just like you and Buster Brown.