Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Max is One Month Old!!

I cannot believe that my Mad Max has already been here for a month. It truly seems like yesterday we were in the hospital. He is changing every single day and it is truly awesome to watch.

Some things that have happened in his first month...

We switched to formula and Max is thriving!

At his 1 Month check up Max weighed in at 8 pounds 9 ounces (1 ounce less than my BIRTH weight!)

Max spends lots of time trying to life up his head and look around, he especially likes to do this while lying on your chest.

He finally really fits into his newborn clothes, we will be moving into 0-3 months in the next few weeks.

He is starting to follow the sound of your voice when you talk to him.

He took his first nap in his crib in his beautiful nursery although he much prefers his bassinet, PNP, bouncer but mostly mom's arms!

And best of all he is just starting to give us little smirky smiles! Max enters this half awake/half asleep phase after a bottle where his eyes fade open and closed and he just smiles away in this state! I love it!! When he REALLY gives smiles I am in for it, even now I can't help but laugh at every little smirk!

Here's to Max's first month! We love you all!

Jess and Mad Max

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