Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ways to Support Rob and the 45th!

I have had several people ask me what they can do to support us, Rob and all of the 45th through this deployment so I thought I would blog about a few ways that you can help if you feel called to do so.

1. PRAY- Its easy, cheap and doesn't require postage. It only requires your time. We ask that you pray for the safety of every soldier. We want the Oklahoma National Guard to come home strong and free of loss. Pray for their physical safety, strength of mind and safety for their emotional beings and spirit.

2. Send an Email- Send Rob an email and let him know you are thinking about him. Please do this only if you do NOT expect a response. Internet time is restricted but he would still appreciate it.

3. Calling Cards- These are awesome and allow us to talk to each other more often and that is a blessing.

4. Send a care package- here is a list of ideas...
Hand Sanitizer
Beef Jerky
BBQ Sauce
White Socks
Baby Wipes
Playing Cards
Granola Bars
Drink Mixes
Pillow cases
Cards from family
Pictures of Max
Bug Repellant
Foot powder
Summer Sausage
Trail Mix
Tuna Meals
Bubble Gum
Sunflower Seeds
Lawry’s Seasoning Salt
Bulk Hard Candy
AA Batteries
Rice Crispies
Easy Cheese
Graham Crackers
Apple Sauce
Cup of Noodles
Small Boxes of Cereal
Pop Tarts
Soup in a Can
Pasta Anytime Dinners
Travel Games
Silly Putty
A&D Ointment
Clorox Wipes
Shaving Cream
Gel Insoles
Dryer Sheets
Cake in a Jar

5. Donate items to our Family Readiness Group Care Packages. Our FRG puts together monthly themed care packages. There are 130 soldiers in Charlie Company so we have to get a lot of stuff together. Our next package is Easter themed. We love to find silly things at the Dollar Store. You dont have to buy something for 130 (although that would be awesome!) just do what you can. Every little thing counts. You can give these to me and I will put them in our group care package.

6. Make a Donation to FRG- Family Readiness Group is an organization that joins the spouses, girlfriends and families of deployed soldiers together for support and friendship. It is an awesome resource but we have to raise money for our activities and support the soldiers with things like the above care packages. The group cannot solicit donations, it is against Army policy, but we can ACCEPT donations. Checks can be made out to the Charlie Co. FRG if you want to donate!

Thank you to everyone who thinks about us. If you can only do one thing from this list please pray. We appreciate it more than you know!

Much Love

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