Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Max is SIX months old!

I cannot believe it has already been 6 months since our baby was born!

Well, Max had his check up and surprised mommy with a horrible blowout diaper. I will spare you the details. But needless to say I even had to put his feet in the sink because he had it in between his toes!!

Soo, our little boy now weighs 19.8 pounds (80th%) and is 27 inches long (75th%)

My mom keeps saying he is going to be a big boy like his Uncle Brandon, shout out to Uncle B! He now scoots super fast and rolls both ways. He sometimes pulls up on things and he is getting close to getting from belly to sitting on his own. He sits up by himself really well! He is a smiley, silly and very happy boy who loves to growl (we think Deuce taught him that) and give open mouth slobbery kisses.

He is very well balanced, was quite the busy body and screamed when we made him laydown for the ear check and shots. Poor guy, he did ok with his shots this time. He was very fussy when we got home but I finally coaxed him into a short nap and his happiness was restored! He was even happy enough for us to run out to grab dinner and then he went to bed without a fight. But when he woke up scooting around his crib at 3 AM I went and got him and let him sleep with mommy. I layed him next to me and gave him his own space and snoozed until 7 AM! That is sleeping in for us around here!

So all in all Max is doing great and growing like a weed. I feel like I will blink and turn around and we will be celebrating that one year birthday with Daddy home before we know it.
Much Love
Jess and Mad Max

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