Friday, June 6, 2008

Not Perfect

Today I am telling it like it is, I am not perfect, we are not perfect. Rob and I had what he likes to call a TIF last night. Way too long of a story and private to share but let’s just say tiffing (not fighting) is NOT FUN when your significant other is in Iraq. Definitely ruins the mood for a tif. And it is a heck of a lot harder to kiss and make up over the phone.

But we are good to go now. I am tired this morning and I have a headache from everything. Just dealing with everything in our life while Rob is gone is certainly a challenge. The list never ends it seems, Max (full time fun job-ok not ALWAYS fun), Work, our house (you know when your warranty ends something is always happening) our dog (love him but he is DRIVING ME CRAZY) our budget, paying off debt, paying bills, doing Weight Watchers, trying to exercise, jogging with Max, playing with Max, grocery shopping, eating healthy, balancing the checking account, remembering what Max needs at daycare, grocery shopping (I hate) Church, friends, family, Sweet Bubbly Babies, sewing, obligations, making sure everyone who wants to gets to see Max on a semi regular basis, remembering to brush my own teeth and floss, trying NOT to forget things at work (like ordering those dang chocolate fountains!) checking my email, keeping my phones charged, CLEANING (rare but needed), watering the flowers, buying gifts, RSVPing for the 8 kazillion weddings and showers I get invited to, Delta Zeta, Pink Ladies, keeping up the THREE websites I am in charge of and oh yeah, remembering to Enjoy the moments along the way. Tiring, YES. Overwhelmed at times, CHECK. WORN THE FRICK OUT AND READY FOR MY HUSBAND TO GET HOME…HECK YES.

So I apologize for the pity party nature of this post. I took on more than half of that list on my own accord. And I love my life!! I really do.

I would just love it and enjoy it SO much more if my amazing husband was next to me every morning when I wake up. That would make that list way more fun.

So if I neglect you, if you feel like I have blown you off or you feel like I am not giving you the attention you deserve, I'm sorry. Truly. But I am doing the best I can and that is all I have to give right now. When Rob gets home it will get better...I repeat that to myself a lot. Try it out, sometimes it even makes you feel better.


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