Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My New Ministry


I have been thinking about starting a new organization, a ministry you might call it.


Mom’s of Terrible Sleepers Unite

Nahhh, I have enough on my plate. Maybe I should just talk to Max about it directly.

Oh dear Max, why for art thou a terrible sleeper. You get a yummy dinner of pureed fruits and vegetables. You get to play with your plethora of toys, followed by a warm, delightful bath drawn by Mommy. You even get the special Aveeno baby wash for your oh so sensitive skin. Followed by nice clean jammies, the cutest ones we could find. Snuggles with your delightful momma and a nice cool 8 ounce Baba of refreshing soy formula goodness, followed by your comfy crib with soft sheets, two favorite blankeys, your monkey, your elephant and even your crib soother aquarium bubbling in the background and STILL you are a terrible sleeper my dear.

It’s time, tomorrow you turn nine months old. You really gotta figure out this sleeping thing, it’s awesome I swear. Someday you will long for more of it, take advantage of it while you can my love.



Runningmama said...

I barely ever laugh out loud at a post, but I did today my friend. O my goodness that was funny. Poor Charlie, at about six (okay four) I started turning off the baby monitor when he cried. Now he sleeps peacefully through the night with not a noise coming from him. I guess...

i also wanted to tell you how much I loved your post titled "going to a funeral". So goo. I startd to comment on it, but was rudely interrupted by child mentioned above and got sidetracked.

Miss you!

Runningmama said...

CORRECTION: When I said six I meant six MONTHS. Sheesh... I need to proof my comments a little better so I dont sound like an over-protective psychopath.

Runningmama said...

CORRECTION #2 Now this is embarrassing. I did not think your post was "goo". GOOD. It was GOOD!!!