Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Book

I never imagined that my husband would recieve deployment orders just a few short months after finding out I was pregnant with our first child. After sobbing my face off an idea was born. I would chronicle my experience by writing a book about surviving motherhood when your husband was deployed.

As our deployment progressed I found myself on my knees before God. I was begging for him to reveal to me WHY I was enduring this season alone (and why my child couldn't sleep through the night)

What He spoke to me that night changed my life and my perspective on our deployment. For the first time I accepted it as a part of a destiny that I couldn't see at the time. I realized that I was meant to write a book about finding your faith when enduring the adversity of motherhood and deployment.

The book is still underway and I cannot wait to share it with each of you. I know that God is merely using me as a vehicle for his glory. I hope you see Him, feel Him, and hear Him when you read my book



Katy Marie said...

Thanks for your sincerity and honesty. God is glorified as we trust Him... Keep your knees down and your chin up! In prayer, Katy

Michelle Brown said...

Sounds like a great book! Keep me posted on your publication status.

As a military mom, I can definately relate. I had two little ones when my husband first deployed. There is nothing like watching your husband board that plane, and there is nothing sweeter than watching them march into that hanger.