Monday, September 8, 2008


I have an issue. Every Sunday afternoon I am cranky...

Why do I leave church, feeling so much better and ready to take on the week and then return home to cranky town?

Well it could be that every Sunday afternoon by 1:00PM Max is having a nuclear scale meltdown because he is flat out tired. IT could be that at this same exact time I am trying (often unsuccessfully) to webcam with Rob, it could be that I spend half the time chasing Max away from the dog bowl and walking back to the computer over and over again.

Maybe its the weekend ending, maybe it's my dread of Mondays, or maybe I am worn thin with Maximus Owen by the time Sunday meltdowns come around.

Either way, it sure isnt fair to Rob. We are so close to the end we can taste it. We can relish in counting down weeks on ONE hand. But we arent even close yet in our minds. With no homecoming date set, but knowing that we are on the tippy tail end of this deployment my frustration level has reached an all time high. I cant make concrete plans for next month because I have no idea when Rob will be here. I cant count on him being here, but I cant count on him not being here. We are in an annoying state of limbo and I am losing my mind.

As Rob says, "Any chance of novelty has worn off"

We are both completely and utterly READY for this to be over with. I want to spend my Sundays eating lunch with my boys and relaxing with my family. I want to trade off with my husband when the meltdowns reach all new levels. I want to take family naps. I want to toss the remotes to Rob when I break the TV and I cant fix it. I want a hug when I lose my cell phone and I cant find it. I want to NOT CARE when I lose my cell phone because is no longer an extension of my body waiting for the phone to ring. I want to spend Sundays lazily and happily fulfilled.

I want my Sundays back.

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