Thursday, September 4, 2008

Self Sabotage

Don’t we all do it?

As I continue learning more about the issues that I have with food and with life I have to say that we all participate in forms of self sabotage, most of us do it unknowingly and regularly.

When we want to spend time in the Word and we leave our Bible in the car or at work.

When we want to eat healthy but we buy unhealthy trigger foods.

When we want to work out but we pack our schedule so full of other things that it can’t possibly fit into our day.

When we want a better relationship with our spouse and we grumble about inconsequential matters.

When we make a decision and then we falter.

When we see our successes as temporary and we still have a back up plan in case we fail.

When we do the exact opposite of what we want most.

Why do we participate in such negative acts toward our own self development? Why do we drag ourselves down? Why do we doubt ourselves more than others?

Are you more critical of yourself than you would EVER be of your best friend or your husband?

Maybe you are participating in self sabotage…food for thought.

I definitely have my moments. And what I am learning, more and more everyday is that I have to take an active approach in setting myself up for success. I am responsible for my own motivation. I am the one who doubts myself more than my God, more than my husband, more than my family. I am the one responsible for those tiny acts of self sabotage that add up to tremendous shortcomings.

And I’m not gonna stand for it anymore.
For what I am doing, I do not understand; for I am not practicing what I would like to do, but I am doing the very thing I hate
Romans 7:15

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Nicole Knox said...

Love your post! I do the same thing when it comes to stuff like that. Thanks for the post=)