Monday, September 29, 2008

When God Says No

Don't you love it when God says No.

Ok, probably not. We all love when God says Yes. Yes, your marriage can be restored. Yes, your child is healed. Yes, you are loved. Yes, you are saved by grace. Yes, I forgive you. Yes, child, Yes.

But the no's can be somewhat tougher to handle.

No, I cannot reveal my plan just yet. No, you will not get this job. or the next one. No, you will not have a child. No, you will not live until an old age. No, your life will not be easy. No, child, No.

This morning I took something from Max that he didnt need to play with. He cried. He sobbed, He threw a little tantrum and kicked his feet at me. He slumped down on the ground and would not come to me when I reached for him. But I did not give it back. He didn't need it and he could have hurt himself with it. I knew better than him as his parent. But that didn't stop the tantrum.

And in that moment I saw myself. How often does God say No and we throw a temper tantrum? We kick our feet, run away when He reaches out to us and we slump on the ground in despair at our fate.

But He knows better as our parent, that we don't need that "thing" and that we might have gotten hurt.

I'm not claiming to have this all figured out folks. I still woke up at 4 AM, unable to sleep, alternately listening to the whispers from each shoulder.

You should have
No, child, No
You could have
No, child, No
Maybe if I
No, child, No
Maybe next time
No, child, No

I prayed over and over and over again that I would be me in my interviews. And if that wasn't what they wanted and it wasn't His will that the door would shut.

It slammed.

No, child, No

I am looking for the plan, seeking the purpose, when I can look back and say, "I understand Lord"
Yes, child, Yes


Runningmama said...

Good analogy. I am praying that you don't have to wait long to understand the WHY. (Like a better job coming along!!) But until then, I pray that you are surrounded in His arms knowing that He loves you more than you even love Max.

Jess said...

Thanks Andi, the greatest gift has been His peace. He really really really looked out for me in the process and even now.

A peace that definitely passes my own understanding of why I am so peaceful!

Christy Johnson said...

Great insight. Amazing the things that our children help us learn!