Sunday, October 12, 2008

8 Hours and 34 minutes

If I was a counting woman, I would tell you that there are 8 hours and 34 minutes until we get to see Rob...But I'm TOTALLY not counting.

Ok, I am, and make it 33 minutes and 8 hours.

We got to go to another Homecoming Ceremony tonight for Rob's friend Tony. It was incredible, as is every Homecoming, to see families reunited after a long year apart from one another. This life, where we volunteer to give away a precious part of ourselves is never easy.

Even as you welcome your soldier home, you can sense that as much as they hate being away from you, this is a part of who they are, the very threads that form them into the person you love so much. It is a part of their fiber to give of themselves.

It's scary, and admirable, and wonderful and terrible, mixed together like the colors of their dessert uniforms.

Back to counting...8 hours and 30 minutes.

Maybe I should try and sleep...when I awake he will almost be home.


it's me, just me, nothing fancy, just simple me said...

YEA! i'm so happy for y'all! i know y'all, especially you jesi, have been waiting a year for this day to come! and i'm sure it was beautiful seeing your two favorite guys finally meet again and hug like it was the very first time, again.

and then you know, there's that part of me that's green with envy... i hate that part. it's the part that questions why haven't we gotten our mail-stop date, why aren't we running around stocking the fridge, making welcome home banners and cleaning the house for the fifth time this week. it's the part of me that's furious that aaron will miss cayman's first birthday, yet again another christmas and the countless things that will happen over the next 4 months while we wait for this deployment to be over with. it's the part of me that gets so upset because no father, sister, uncle, best friend, mother, brother, niece, or soldier should have to be gone from their loved ones this long, not 12 months and definitely not 15 months.

but, there is that part of me that is over the moon for you and all the families finally reunited again. it's the part that's so excited about the 'honeymoon' again! so, enjoy your honeymoon again and hold tight to your soldier. i know our homecoming is in the making and i know i have the strength to hold on until then.

Jesi said...

Oh Jackie,

I so appreciate your candid heart and your honesty. I completely understand. Its so hard to feel the mix of emotions that threaten to overwhelm you when you see another persons joyful homecoming. Its so so so hard. I remember being ANGRY that everyone else was getting R&R and we werent. We did, but in that moment I was so green.

And its ok, its ok to feel those things. But you are so right in celebrating with others...four months seems SO far away. But you are totally on the tail end of your deployment. You are so close even thought it feels so dang far away.

I will be praying for you, that these last 16 weeks will fly by with a rush that you have never felt. That day after day, you will wake up, go through your day, showing Cayman what it means to be strong, loyal and loving and then one day you will wake up and get ready. Take the steps around your house, take your sign and go meet your soldier. It will be awesome and it will be here SOON.