Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Maximus!

Dear Max,

One year ago, you came into this world, very very early in the morning. I should have known that would foreshadow your lack of sleepiness. You forever changed our world in that moment. It was no longer just about us. There were three instead of two. I remember being so happy and so tired. I just wanted to hold you and go to sleep. And that is what we did.

You were such a healthy boy that we got released from the hospital very quickly. They sent us home, like we knew what to do with you! We weren't sure yet, but we were figuring it out. When you were just two days old you went to Daddy's going away ceremony. You slept the entire time, even through the loud band and crowds of people. You kept us up a lot those first few days and you put yourself onto a nice little schedule. You were a great baby and we loved you more and more everyday.

When Daddy had to leave for training in Texas, you were what kept me going. Day by day, I got up and dealt with the world because of you. You were the hope that kept Daddy moving too. Step by step, moment by moment we made it through those first few months because we loved you too much to do anything else. At Christmas you were so good with Daddy. He loved getting to be with you and Mommy and it made leaving so much harder. So much harder to say goodbye.

But goodbye we said to Daddy. And in the coming months you started daycare and started growing into a big boy right in front of me. You were always right on track, a big boy for your age but healthy and happy...even if you did get sick a lot that winter. Lots of colds and snotty noses and lots of sleepless nights. It was a tough time but just like the beginning, we loved you so much, we just kept moving forward, day by day. Daddy counting down to be with you again, and Mommy counting down to have Daddy home with us.

You rolled, then crawled, then stood and cruised and before we knew it you were walking, and running and climbing stairs. What happened to the little bug tucked into a too big carseat? Suddenly you were growing up right in front of me. And even though I wished away the time until Daddy came home, I wanted to hit pause on the lightning speed that you were changing in.

Somewhere in there, Mommy had to teach you what it meant to sleep. It was so painful to hear you cry, but you figured it out and now you sleep so much better. Even though you still get up very early, just like you came into the world, to snuggle into bed with Mommy and now Daddy too.

Your smiles, and crinkled nose, that cheesy face you give when you are being awnry...your hazel eyes, just like Daddy, your hair that grows so so fast, and every ounce of spunk, determination and strength make you Max. We love you so much that sometimes it hurts. We still look at each other and feel like it is surreal to have you here with us. That God trusted us enough to take care of you and to teach what it means to be a man.

We want so much for you, the entire big world is always at your fingertips. But for now, we only want to look at you, snuggled in between us, cuddled in our big bed, reaching out to touch each of our faces and we are overwhelmed with love. Happy First Big Birthday Monkey! We love you very much!


Mommy and Daddy


Runningmama said...

Has it been ONE YEAR already???? What an mazing year you have had. I am so proud of the mommy you are and the beautiful baby boy you are raising. Happy Birthday Monkey Max!!

Peggy said...

Happy Birthday Max from The Harts! Come play at our house anytime!
The stairs are waiting for you!;)