Friday, October 17, 2008


Sometimes I wonder why God wired my brain in such an artsy fartsy way...I like to blame my dual personalities and moods on being a Gemini...but I don’t believe in horoscopes so that is out.

Then I like to ponder if it is related to my youth as an only child. After all, without the surrounding of rambunctious siblings I learned to play pretend, make up extravagant imaginary stories and entertain myself for hours.

And it never bothered me. Although I love the 7 brothers that have been gifted to me through my parent’s remarriages, I never minded it either way. Plunk me in a sibling circle or alone in my room and I could get along just fine.

I know that God hardwired my brain with every ounce of ideaism and creativity for His purpose and in case you are new here, I still have no idea what that means. But I’m learning.

It’s funny because our pastors wife said the same thing at the Beautiful Conference the other day...she is so creative that her mind can take her in a million directions, even very far down the path of just one idea before she even blinks again. For her it became a testimony of the power of her thoughts, when she had to learn to turn off the creativity when it started to spin into dark, negative thoughts about the what if’s in life.

For me, it has become a daily practice in discerning what is merely a passing thought or a little bling! wand touch on the head with an idea. Like last night, when I picked up cupcakes for Max’s birthday, and thought about how we don’t have any cupcake stores in Edmond or the OKC metro area (a la Sprinkles for you big city folks) and how I could start a business making cupcakes! Surely it would be successful, and minutes later I had named it, decorated my storefront and had a list running through my mind of all the cute cupcakes I could make and sell...I even dreamed about it last night!

My poor husband gets the bulk of these ideas thrown at him...the best thing is he thinks I could succeed at any of them. He just wants me to pick one and actually do it!

Where does this crazy brain come from? God. Why did he wire me to be so free flowing, creative, crazy, and dream oriented? Not sure yet.

But it’s sure fun to dream...and I’ll let you know when I open my cupcake store.

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Christy Johnson said...

Ok, I'm already thinking of names. Patty Cakes, Jesi Cakes. Can you brain's wired the same way. I design in my head all the time too! I've even done it in church. Shhh...Hard to turn creativity off.