Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Max's Birthday Party

I feel so out of touch having not blogged in several days...truth be told, I haven't even gotten to read many of my favorite blogs this week and that is blasphemy to me!

But I knew October was going to be a killer, from the Breast Cancer Walk, my BF's baby shower, Rob coming home, Max's Birthday and Party, the Beautiful Womens conference at Victory Church, UCO Homecoming, Pancake Palooza Breakfast and Founders Day, and the Taste of Western my head is spinning, spinning, and spinning some more.

So once the chaos calms a bit I will post pictures from Max's Birthday party. Till then, Happy Chaotic Wednesday!


Runningmama said...

I am so out of the loop too! Miss you and look forward to catching up when we both have more time to blog!!

Cayman's Mom said...

happy birthday max! aren't you glad that only the 1st birthday is such a crazy big deal! i'm all partied out now for a year. do post pictures! i have pictures up from cayman's korean party, but need to get my but in gear and put up his florida party pics. and oh, new 'just mommy' blog! check it out!