Saturday, November 1, 2008

The best weird decision I ever made

In November 2008 I decided to look into direct sales company as a way to make extra money for our family on top of my full time job as an Event Coordinator. In my search I stumbled across a company called Tastefully Simple. A bell rung in my head when I remembered that a friend of mine in Wisconsin sold TS. I emailed her and asked her 5 million questions before deciding to take the plunge and become a consultant with the company.

One month later I brought home over $600 in profit from my business in one month. Within a year I promoted 3 times and was able to quit my full time job to stay at home with Max. I like to say Tastefully Simple is the best weird decision I ever made because I never thought I would do anything related to direct sales.

My love of cooking and entertaining made it a perfect pairing. The flexibility, leadership opportunities, friendships and income I have made along were the icing on the cake. I am so thankful for Tastefully Simple and I recommend the products to everyone I know. At first people think I am crazy and then they try them for themselves and they are hooked!

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