Thursday, January 15, 2009

Shots are no fun

Note: This is a very old picture of Max but I think it is hilarious. His face did look somewhat like this after this mornings shots.

Soooooooo, tis the season for RSV. And it stinks. Two weeks ago our little buddy got a really bad cough when were in Texas visiting the fam. As it worsened, and got more mucousy and yucky sounding, even causing Max to gag and cry we knew it was time to visit our favorite, P.A. (Physicians Assistant) Angela Bartlow to see what was up. That night, when Rob brought Max to me in the middle of the night, he was ON FIRE. One full tylenol dosage later his fever was low but I asked Rob to take him anyways. And yes, he had RSV.

Needless to say, Rob didn't so much enjoy that week home with a cranky Max on nebulizer treatments every 4 hours (he hated them at first but now he does ok as long as he gets to put the "fish face" mask on himself) and two antibiotics plus endless doses of my favorites two little bottles ever (motrin and tylenol, thank you Jesus!)

Back to the doctor we went today, for two reasons. One-to check up on his RSV and see if we could stop the fish face treatments. And Two-Max has had two skin reactions this week and we are trying to determine what is causing them.

So off we go, Max marching into the office like a big boy, until he catches the face of our nurse, you know the one who jabs needles into his chunky thighs, and he started crying. Ugh, this age of understanding what is happening can really throw a kink in your plans.

One and half hours later we determined we are RSV and fish face clear, YAY. We found out Max is right on track in all areas, except his verbal skills, where he is AHEAD of the curve for a boy his age. Guess that year of me having no one to talk to except my child is paying off. We got two shots, including MMR. Angela reassurred me that it really is safe and since Max shows no signs of autism or social/verbal lags that he will be just fine.

We STILL have a lagging ear infection in his right ear though. And since he has had SIX ear infections in his life we are on a narrowing road to a place called TUBES. Double Ugh. I really wanted to prevent tubes so we are first going to endure what I like to call my idea of personal torture, an allergy test.

Max has always had sensitive skin, almost excema like patches of dry skin on his legs and arms. We cannot use cheap baby lotion or wash, no good ol J&J, or even Aveeno works anymore. We tried Baby Arbonne and in fact it might be causing his reaction. Fan-frekin-tastic. I love when HY-PO-ALL-ER-GENIC doesn't really mean much. It might be our new (and cheap) detergent or fabric softener (don't normally use it but my awesomely helpful husband did all 142 loads of our laundry and he is a fabric softener freakazoid)

SO on the 26th, we head in for 21 sticks to see what might be causing his allergic reactions, which in turn may be causing the constant congestion, runny nose, mucous, which of course may be causing the drainage, that may be leading to those awesomely antibiotic resistant ear infections.

Send up some prayers for my little boy. Hopefully the allergy testing will determine a controllable factor and we can avoid the road called TUBES.

On two happier notes, if you want to see a super cutey named Olivia you can check out my friend Julie's blog at AND my friend Kera Don is almost a Mommy! At 32 weeks we have her baby shower this weekend and I am super excited for her to join this crazy club called motherhood.

Much Love,


Runningmama said...

Poor Max. Oh no. I got a script for Codeine before Charlie's blood tests. Drug him up!!

Jess said...

Unfortunately he cannot be on drugs before the allergy test. Booo.

I wish we lived closer so we could put our rascals together!