Tuesday, February 3, 2009

BABES and a Break

I got what I wished for!

Went to BABES last night, weighed in, lost two pounds, YAY! That was for two weeks though. Week one was great, no snacking after 8:30PM, I got in 4 hours of exercise and I drank water like a fish! Week Two was not so good, as you can see below, there is no exercise listed in my crazy week and I did attend a work trip where the focus in entirety was eating...

Not so good.

SO overall I was very pleased with a 2 pound loss. I have to say I think I lost it in week one and maintained in week two.

This weeks health goals are, drumroll please
Eat Breakfast every day
Pack Lunch and Snacks to avoid the work trap
4 Hours Exercise
8 Waters a Day
No eating after 8:30PM

Wish Me Luck!

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Cayman's Mom said...

so fill me in on this babes thing. i need movitation to get myself in shape. hubby's getting me the wii fit for my bday so i can't use the excuse of not being able to use the gym since they don't have an on-site daycare. i've got 8lbs to lose and then need to maintain from there.