Thursday, April 2, 2009

He is SO good

I love the comment that my friend Jackie posted in the post below this. She reminded me that God does amazing things when we wait on His timing with Faith.

Today we were immensely blessed. Rob has worked in 47 different positions at Lowes for 58 years and had the chance to get back into management recently. We thought about it and he decided to go for it. Last week we found out he got the promotion...but no word on a pay change.

Fast forward to today when we found out what the change in pay will be....

Rob got a raise!

Rob got an awesome raise!

Rob got a $2.36 raise per hour!

We are incredibly blessed by this as things have been very very tight since he came home from the deployment. We have faithfully prayed and tithed and Rob reminded me many, many, ok MANY times that God always has and always will provide for us.

He is SO good.

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Cayman's Mom said...

all in good time. but, i must ask, how old is rob if he has worked for lowe's for 58 yrs? maybe i read that wrong. do tell rob that we LOVE lowe's! seriously, i love visiting lowe's right next to visiting target.

keep your head up, max close to you, rob in your heart, and keep seeking after God.