Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Cookies with Max!

Is this not the CUTEST chef you have ever seen?

The hat and apron came from the dollar spot at Target and were SUPPOSED to be stocking stuffers. But our stockings are pretty small and he has other stuffers so I couldn't resist breaking them out for cookie making and baking day.

The plan was to make sugar cookie reindeers. I found the idea on here and since they are EASY and TODDLER FRIENDLY they were tops on my list.

You need
2 rolls sugar cookie dough, premade baby, it's all about the premade.
1 bag chocolate chips (we used mini but regular would be better)
Red M&M's (walmart has tubs seperated by colors around the holidays)
Pretzel sticks

All you do is cut the cookie dough into rounds and place on your cookie sheet. Gently pinch in the sides so your reindeer has some shape to his head. Exaggerate the pinch because your cookies are gonna fluff out and up a lot. Then you need two chocolate chips for eyes, one m&m for the nose and pretzel sticks for antlers.

Max loved this and our cookies look cute and taste good! Not bad for premade dough and 4 ingredients!

Did you know Chefs hats also double as pilgrims bonnets? Max is still celebrating Thanksgiving apparently.

Finished Cookies!

Finished Max.

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