Saturday, December 19, 2009

Spoiling Stella and Mama

Did I mention what we are having...

I know I can hardly believe it myself. I told Rob that I had always been so assured that we would have all boys or at least SEVERAL boys before a girl that I was a little bewildered that we were already getting our sweet girl! After much deliberation we finally settled on a name and I ADORE it. Her name will be Stella Katherine although I do intend on calling her Stella Kate in that oh so southern fashion of using first and middle names together. Katherine is also the first name of one of my dearest friends although we traded her "C" for a K. We certainly hope that she grows up to be as special as Catherine with a C. Several people have been poo pooing our name choice but I just know that once she is here they will realize that it is her perfect name. Stella means Star and Katherine means Pure and Virginal. Our pure star is growing well and we are feeling incredibly lucky and blessed to have another healthy child on the way to meet our mad Max.

So today Daddy already started a tradition of spoiling sweet Stella and this mommy. He cleaned up the house and did all the dishes which are my absolute LEAST favorite thing to do in the world, especially when pregnant. Then he sent me out for a pedicure and it was an hour and a half long and full of all sorts of smell goods and feel goods. After that I got to pick up my favorite lunch ever which is the Trio from Inspirations Tea room. It is SO good and my favorite girly food. I had homemade creamy tomato soup, a chicken salad croissant, a salad with raspberry viniagrette, and their fabulous berry scones with heaps of lemon curd. I even got my very favorite iced vanilla tea to go and it's so stinkin good.

It was a wonderful Saturday and I am so so thankful that I have such an awesome husband who is already spoiling Stella and I. I love to think about how much she is going to have him wrapped around his finger.

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Jessica said...

I love the name! Beki Palmer Grissom has a Stella too! It's perfect!