Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Prayer Peeps

It's late at night and tomorrow Max and I leave for Dallas/Ft Worth so I wanted to post before we are gone. I am attending TS on Tour *which I am SUPER duper excited for* and Max is spending the weekend with my dad, stepmom and little brother Ty. I made the distinct mistake of telling him today that we were going to see Grandpa Lloyd, Grandma JuJu and Uncle Ty and he has been hollering at me ALL day about Ty. Everytime our silly dog barks he screams TY's HERE! Tomorrow is not a concept he is familiar with.

Tonight was the last night of The Temple study that we were doing in my womens bible study. Natalie really went above and beyond to make tonight special and connect all the dots for us ladies. It was a beautiful night of reflection and as I sat and looked around the room I felt a keen sense of connectedness with the ladies around me. It was a true picture of the body of Christ. All different people, personalities, looks, sizes, shapes, colors, struggles, hurts, joys, backgrounds, family situations and perceptions. But we are united in Christ. He joins us together and seeing tear filled eyes around me I knew that as women we often struggle with the SAME things. No matter of our size, background and history, we are bonded by our gender. I love what Natalie said about the devil. 1) We are not stupid and 2) he is not original. That is so so true. he is NOT original and he uses the SAME tools and tricks and lies against all of us women day in and day out. Recognizing his lies and deciphering God's TRUTH for our lives is so important.

I just wanted to say thank you to my prayer peeps. We talked about this tonight too, surrounding yourself with people who you can call/email/text/facebook and say I need prayer! People we can be vulnerable with and let our guards down for true support.

So here are mine.

My awesome husband. He knows exactly who I am and loves me despite seeing my ugliest truths and most unbecoming inner secrets. I know if I need his love and support, his shoulder or his ear he is ALWAYS there.

My Momma
I love my momma. My mom is strong, helpful, encouraging and faithful. She reminds me that we are on the right track and that we are right to trust in Him. She is my biggest cheerleader and my most honest supporter. I love her and I covet her prayers.

Kera Don
My "lil" is a true blessing to me. Her raw emotions and openness to share her struggles allow me to be the mentor that God desires I be. I can be 100% honest with her and I never ever feel weird, judged or freakish. She is the best.

My dear dear friend. She shares a name with Stella (her first name is Catherine and Stella's mn will be Katherine) and I couldn't think of a better person to honor. She is smart, kind and seriously seriously a steadfast support to me. She is always understanding, always available and always goes above and beyond for our friendship.

My oldest, nearest and dearest. Sweet Savanah is loved around the world but I still feel like I get a special tiny place in her heart that is just for me and mine. I love that about her. We are too busy to spend as much time together as we would like but I adore that it never matters. I can call her bawling my head off and she will stop me right there and pray for me. She is never too busy to pray for me and I don't hesitate to know that she thinks of me and prays for me often. I love knowing I have such a woman of faith in my corner and petitioning God for me.

My Stepmom
Also known as Grandma JuJu, Julia was a big influence on my decision to become a Christ follower and she has never stopped encouraging me. She tells me when God places me on her heart and she follows through when she tells you that she is praying for you. She is filled with His words and His wisdom.

My boss' loverly wife Katrina is ah-mazing. She is so intelligent and filled up with Him that I have really loved gleaning from her. She might be surprised to be on this list but she shouldn't be, because if I need prayer I know one ah-mazing prayer mama I am turning to and it's her.

My twinsie, we aren't sisters but we might as well be. Codie is so amazingly honest that you don't have to feel awkward about your own shortcomings and struggles. She is smart, hilarious and she turns a serious conversation into a laughfest, still always being a loving encouraging openminded faithful friend. She is no doubt one of the first people that I can call on in a time of need and I know she would answer. She just rocks. My socks off.

aka my Armymomma! Jackie was my deployment buddy when Rob was gone and I have LOVED LOVED LOVED being able to pray for her through our experiences. She is so graced by faith and determination and I adore that we share a belief system and a strong reliance on our Heavenly Father to carry us through the days that we cannot seem to stand on our own. love. jackie. period.

My sweet momma friend. Heather is so amazing at filling my life with friendship. I told Rob the other day I am going to be such a bawlbag when she packs up and leaves me. (dang military) Heather is everything I could ask for in a friend and I am so thankful that He intersected our paths in this time. We sorta need eachother in a way that only military mommas understand.

So those are my prayer peeps. The ones I love. The ones I know I can call on. Thank you for being the bestest people I could ever surround myself with. I am so grateful for each of you.


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