Sunday, June 27, 2010

In Between Storms

Sometimes God opens your eyes. Whether He uses a song, a word, a sermon, a comment from a stranger, He teaches us and reminds us of who we are in Him.

This morning I realized He was gently reminding me of what I told Him several years ago. In the midst of our last deployment when I got down on my knees and cried out to Him and lived daily by the sustenance He provided.

It was just a simple song, it's played a million times and I have heard it just as many. But when I sat still this morning and stroked Stella's perfect face and laughed at Max's silly expressions I was reminded that it is worth the pain. We all go through seasons of pain and storms where we aren't sure if we will emerge on the other side unscathed. And maybe we won't. Sometimes the storms leave us a little battered and a lot changed. Our insecurities take advantage of our weak days, our emotions are left a little more fragile for the next time the sky opens up with a storm.

But it's still about His Glory. And when I told him that I would gladly take the rain if it would bring Him glory I wasn't so sure of the future. I certainly didn't know the trials we would face. I was blinded to the things that would come. But it doesn't really matter, because things happen, life happens, it's not fair, it's not always fun, it's not full of love and laughter and sunshine every single day. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes its gray. Sometimes the sky opens up and pours down a flood and you come out on the other side changed, a little broken and a little bruised.

Life isn't fair. Thank you Lord for reminding me to look into the face of my babies and be thankful for where you have brought us. You have sustained us through the storms. You have used our simple story to make an impact on others. You have reminded me that my earthly suffering means little if it means a lot to your Kingdom. My God You are worthy of all of my Praise.

Thank you for bringing us through the storm. Thank you for using our storms for your Glory. How honored we should be to be a part of Your great story.


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