Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh please, Oh please

Don't let Stella and I get the flu!

My poor Max woke up Sunday morning with a fever and feeling very lethargic. If you know Max at all you know he is pretty much never lethargic unless VERY ill. We stayed home from church and he hung out on the couch for 85% of the day. Alternating tylenol and motrin brought the fever down and we found a great all natural kids cough medicine that helped some with the yucky cough. By late afternoon he was acting a lot better. He went to bed early and took it easy all day.

However at 2 AM he woke up crying that his tummy hurt. He was super hot, wheezing like crazy and complaining of a tummy ache. I briefly contemplated taking him to the ER but we decided to break the fevere and wait it out til morning. So after moving him into our room, feeding Stella, putting her back to bed, a lukewarm bath to break the fever, more meds, clean jams we knew we were in for a long night. Cartoons came on from 2-4:30 AM and I sat here awake because his breathing sounded terrible.

We finally fell back asleep around 5 and slept til 9 before heading into the doc. After describing his symptoms to the nurse she tested him for flu and strep. Sadly he is flu positive : ( which we are not happy about. I am going to be put on preventative tamiflu since I am pregnant and Stella is too little for any flu meds so pray and pray and pray that no one else gets sick in our house.

Thankfully my awesome mama came to get SK so she wouldn't be around sick big brother. Rob is home today so Max and I are holed up in our room watching cartoons and taking meds. Rob is taking good care of us and Nana is taking good care of Stella. Boo to the Flu.

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