Thursday, August 11, 2011

Create an Atmosphere of Worship

I'm not posting this because I am good at it, rather as a reminder to myself!

Today I got in a tizzy because I wasn't able to get ANYTHING done. Every time I tried to stand up one of the twins would start fussing and Stella was being needy and Max was running around getting into things and I was feeling overwhelmed. I called Rob, just to tell him I was going crazy. He gets a lot of those calls these days ;)

I decided to snap out of it. I reminded myself that babies cry. I put them down and took Max and Stella into the kitchen. We baked a chocolate cake for Rob to say "Thanks for being a great dad and the kind of husband who lets me off duty after you worked for 12 hours to let me take a bath and fall asleep for an hour." And by bake I mean we mixed up a Tastefully Simple chocolate pound cake which takes 3 minutes!

Then I got out my devotional and did it.

I was feeling better already. I blared some worship music and turned the tv off. I cleaned the kitchen while Max decided he was Jacksons babysitter, meaning he sat next to him and replaced his paci every time he cried out. Once my kitchen was clean I felt so much better. There are SO MANY days when my house looks like it got hit by a tornado and it really leaves me feeling out of control. If I can manage to keep things just a little cleaner I feel better. Relieved I went back to the living room and let the music play. I started singing along and Stella started dancing. I love how kids instinctually raise their hands to music. Max started singing along with me. Holding a content baby, watching another one sleep, dancing along with Stella and hearing Max belt out HOLY HOLY HOLY IS THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTYYYYYYYY. There was some serious worship happening in our house.

It's really easy to get caught up in the moment to moment challenges that come with motherhood. If we can just pause, at least once per day to remember our blessings and create an atmosphere of worship we might all feel just a tiny bit better. I know it worked today in my house!

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