Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stella's First Fiesta~

Stella is such a bright spot in our family. She is definitely vibrant and full of life. She cracks me up because she is so tiny but has such a BIG personality...I can't wait to see how God uses that is her life. I have a feeling she is going to be MIGHTY for Him.


You are 1 now! I can hardly believe it...the first  year of your life went by SO fast because you were such a sweet, easy baby! especially compared to your older brother ;) You entered this world with ease and every day you live that out. You eat well, you sleep well and for the most part you act well. You are still a drama queen. It makes us laugh when you throw yourself on the floor because you didn't get your way and scream like we are torturing you. You LOVE your Daddy and your brother Max. I know you love Mama too but you like to give me a run for my money. I think you are so beautiful. Inside and out. You have the sweetest personality and already the character of a little mommy. I hope that I can model being a good mama to you because someday I know God will bless you with a family. Your eyes will slay boys, they already slay your Daddy, with those big blue eyes with navy rims. You still don't have much hair but its definitely getting longer but only on top. I like to say you have Donald Trump style hair, I know someday you will appreciate knowing that. We love you SO much Stella. Always remember that you are a star in Gods eyes and in ours. xoxo our first baby girl!
Love Mama

We love you Stella Katherine!

Sweet Sign

Little Fiesta Cutie

Cupcake Love

Your Big Bash

Your beautiful namesake

Blue Eyed Girl

Love your Dada

Nom Nom Good Eater

Our first baby girl

Always a lover

Max needed to be SURE you knew that they were gonna beat up your pinata

Happy 1st Birthday SK! We love you and thank God for you DAILY!

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