Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Praying for...

I decided to blog each week some of the things I am praying about so that I can look back and see how God is faithful.

This week I am praying for...

My marriage, just because I love my husband and I am blessed by him! Help me to be a blessing to him and a godly wife!

Sara, a friend of mine who lost her baby to SIDS. I am praying that no bitterness will take hold in her heart but that she feels peace and healing.

Annabelle, one of my little dancers who lost her mom and grandfather in a car accident. I am praying for hope and peace for her dad and her two brothers as well as their extended family.

Summer, my dear friend, just praying happiness and joy over her birthday month.

Davis Family, praying they feel comfortable and at home after a move. Continued blessings on their entire family!

Max, praying he has a joyful birthday and that God grants us another year of health and happiness with our awesome boy.

Stella, Presley and Jackson, praying thankfulness and gratefulness that I get to be their mom....praying that God helps me to do my best with them and give them the time they need unselfishly.

My parents-help them to feel peaceful about their big move and easy acclimation to new jobs. Praying they make connections to feel more at home.

Kera Don, praying she loves her new job and that it is a perfect fit for her.

Veronica, praying continued healing after the loss of her baby girl this summer and continued strength and healing.

Jenn, peace of mind and heart.

Kari, praying their adoption process continues to move swiftly and easily with no snags or hold ups. Praying for the sweet baby that will soon be blessed by Kari as a mom.

Fellow Military Mama, praying for her courage and her spirit not to be broken.

Baby Z, praying for his health and comfort. Praying for D as she navigates being a mama for the first time.

Laynie's mama and Lolly, praying for them this week that God would continue to show them all the ways she impacted the world!

Tabetha, praying for her work.

Finances-Help me to be a better steward of your blessings this month Lord. Take our tithe and use it as you see fit to glorify your kingdom.

House-praying for the perfect home for our family....financially smart, space to grow, room for friends and family.

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