Friday, April 6, 2012

How To~Celebrating Holidays with Balance

Do your kids have as much STUFF as mine? Do you have2-3-4 sets of grandparents who gift at holidays? Then your kids don't need more STUFF! But it's hard to not cave to the Jones's when it comes to holidays.

Perfect example, EASTER! As Christians we are not celebrating the creepy bunny at the mall, we are celebrating the love that Jesus showed every one of us when he willingly died on the cross for our sins. The celebration of His resurrection three days later. What a gift!

So how do you celebrate the true meaning of a holiday like Easter while still participating in the fun traditions?

For us we strive for balance. An hour in church on Sunday pales in comparison to a GIANT Easter basket, Easter bunny visits, class parties, 4 egg hunts, new clothes, special pictures, treats and bunny ears for all. On the flip side a month of talking about Jesus dying on the cross and no celebration can send kids the message that Jesus ain't fun at all, and we know that isn't the Truth!

Back to balance, this is what we do for our family. Everyone has to figure out what works best for them and their own kids.

Celebrating Jesus
Reading the stories together in our Jesus Storybook Bible the week of Easter
Talking about the upcoming holiday and what it really means
Practicing our Memory Verse Matthew 28:6
Inviting others to church this weekend
Attending a later service to help make space for new visitors
Spending time with family

Celebrating Traditions
Dye eggs with family because it is a family tradition
Have a special lunch with family and friends
Hunt eggs, at home, a modest amount with a few jellybeans or one mini chocolate inside each
Modest Easter baskets that include 4 things for each kid, something you need, something to read, something you want and something to eat (my kids each got a fun pair of socks, a book, a treat and a small toy---all from the $1 spot at Target) Cost $12 for four kids-reusing old buckets instead of new baskets and practicing restraint
Accept gifts from family gracefully and happily

It's all about the balance baby!

Happy Easter! I pray God reveals His love to you this weekend!

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