Friday, August 1, 2014

Chef Mickeys!

We arrived to a huge Florida downpour but then we had stuff to take care of! Let me see how much I can confuse you!

Rob and I can purchase SIX military tickets (half price 4 day park hoppers) which covered us and my parents. Then I ordered my dad 2 extra tickets from UnderCover Tourist for my brother and his BFF (4 day park hoppers get a 5th day free). We knew we needed to go to Downtown Disney to get everyone's tickets activated and linked to our magic bands (you cannot do military tickets at your resort). So off we went to the bus stop. Where we waited. Then we realized that Juju forgot her ID in the room so she RAN back. Then I realized I forgot our magic bands in the room so ROB ran back. Then finally, a bus came. We had BAD bus luck all week long. I swear you either walk up to a bus EVERYTIME or you wait forever EVERY time. We had the latter.

***TIP--make sure you have all your stuff everytime you leave the room! Put your magic bands on when you get them and leave them on!

We made it to Downtown Disney and found the Guest Services building. It was packed with a line. Grandma JuJu and I took turns entertaining kids outside til we made it to the front of the line. We got allllll our tickets turned into the RFD cards and then had to go to the self service kiosk and put our cards onto our magic bands. All that..took awhile. I was so glad we went and did this first and got it out of the way, definitely not something you want to plan on doing before parks!

Finally we were ready for our dinner reservation at the Contemporary Resort, we took a bus from DTD straight there and had some time to kill :)

Chef Mickey's is a fun way to start your trip. It's a buffet with a wide although kinda boring selection of foods. It is also JAM packed and BUSY. We did not have to wait long but it seemed like we came at a poor time for characters. RIGHT when we got sat they were already on our side AND our kids were starving. It was a bit chaotic. Buffets are NOT my favorite with my kids just because they aren't big enough to get their own so I spend a lot of time getting them stuff and not able to sit and eat. It was a GREAT way to meet the main Fab Five though and the kids really liked it! Of course they had typical kid food, I remember having a plate of different cold salads and then a plate with some salmon, mashed potatoes, prime rib (which my girls completely stole and ate). Nothing stood out as super yummy but it was good and a decent character interaction. 

Overall----the kids love it and if they requested it we would return but if left up to me I am always up for trying something new :)

Presley only had eyes for Minnie! And loved their noses!

Max, 6 years old
Every kiddo loves an ice cream bar :)
Mostly my kids were ecstatic to see my cousins kiddos! They LOVE their cousins!

We also spent $150 before our trip on Memory Maker! This entitles you to ALL the pics taken on rides, at meals and anywhere in the park with a photopass photographer. Here is our pic from Chef Mickey's

I actually LOVE this picture of us, even though we had no time to change and had been running all day!

Next up, our first full day in a PARK! At Disney's Animal Kingdom!


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