Thursday, December 13, 2007


STTN-that is sleeping through the night. This is what we talk about all day long. It is funny because Max is only 2 months old and yet everyday I talk about him STTN. People always ask, how is he sleeping? Does he sleep through the night yet? Rob always asks me, how did he sleep last nite? My brother asks me, how did he do last night? Is he sleeping for you? I am on an online mom's message board and probably half the conversations are about STTN-napping, sleep problems, issues, troubles, and other desperate sleep deprived moms begging for help!

And then come the solutions, rice cereal in the bottle (not recommended anymore, tried it, didn't work, just made Max constipated), keep him up longer during the day (do you want to take him when he is super cranky without napping), make sure he naps MORE during the day (he sleeps when he needs to, try and MAKE him sleep and you have a fun hour of screaming on your hands), swaddle (we do), don't swaddle (doesn't work), white noise (we have it), move him into his own room (did it), let him sleep in his bouncer IN his crib (nope), Baby whisperer(have ti), Babywise(no thanks), Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child(great book), The No Cry Sleep Solution, Good Night, Sleep Tight, feed him more, feed him less, put him down "drowsy but awake" (Yeah Freakin Right-good luck with that one!) etc. etc. etc.

You may think I am being silly but I am serious. There is a whole business in getting babies to sleep and I have come to realize that he will do it when he is ready. Nothing else works so we are just going with the flow and getting adjusted to way less sleep. Now when MAX decides to STTN you can bet your bottom dollar I will be posting a celebration party on the blog because it will be awesome but until it happens I will try and remember to cherish our quiet time (once the bottle is in his mouth) in the middle of the night, with just the light from our porch light illuminating his perfect mouth and cheeks and remember that someday, somehow my baby will sleep all night and then I will miss him.

Sleepless in OK
Jesi and Max

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