Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dave Ramsey Update!

Well we are on our way, our grand total of debt paid off is over $4000! YAY! We love the prospect of living debt free and it has motivated us to be more fiscally responsible to be more financially free and prosperous in the future!

I am on week two of Cash Spending and the Envelope system for our basic expenses and I love it. It is so nice not having to worry about what is going through the bank, balancing the accounts over and over again because of the mindless debits we all make. I think about my purchases more and I see a tangible reminder when I pay with cash. When I bought my muffin and coffee this morning and had to pull out a $5 and a $1 I stopped and thought, WOW! REALLY $6 for coffee and a muffin! YIKES! Guess I will be buying muffins in bulk from Sams and using my pretty red coffee maker on some Folgers.

However when it is budgeted and written in black and white it makes tithing so much easier. I love our church, because you can give online! (Ok I love our church for way more than the online tithing but you know what I'm saying) If you know me you know I only pay for things online. The only thing I use checks for is daycare and if they took Debit Cards I wouldn't need checks at all! So anyways, I loved tithing online this month. It was super easy and gratifying as always. I love to remember what we say after tithes and offering each Sunday, Thank you Lord for meeting all of my financial needs that I may have more than enough to give unto the kingdom of God and promote the gospel of Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!

Wishing you all financial blessings!

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