Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Max is 7 Months Old!

Mommy!!! I LOVE TO PLAY!
Aren't his eyes beautimous? I prayed when I was pregnant that Max would have Rob's eye color and my nose and he got both! I think he got the BIG eyes from Granny Lisa though!
Hey Mr. Elephant Move Over...

Whoooooooaaaaa, I'm falling over

I'll get you Lion, I will eat you!

I got you!

Sniff Sniff, My Baby is getting SO BIG! Max is doing great EXCEPT we have discovered a character trait that he TOTALLY and COMPLETELY got from Rob.
Max is a daredevil. Yes, it's true, my 7 month old is a fearless little daredevil. Thus far in his short life he has learned to pull up on everything, fell from standing on the outside of his exersaucer and got his first bloody nose (I totally feel like a terrible mother), bruised his cheek, got a scratch on his forehead when he, Deuce and Ty collided, tried to crawl off anything, learned to crawl inside our coffee table and tried unsuccessfully to stand up with NO HANDS (I caught him that time). It is really scary, he will do anything with no fear. Like I said he got it from Rob. I am totally a chicken. Rob's great NO FEAR story is the reason he has that lovely scar in his eyebrow. He jumped off the couch when he was little, playing Superman of course! Unfortunately he ran into the coffee table on the way down.
Pray for me. It makes my heart hurt when he gets hurt, much longer after his little cry stops. I don't know how well I will handle the bumps and bruises of boyhood.
Much Love to All
Jess and Max

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