Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I miss Rob!!!

AHhhhhhhhh, middle of deployment funk. We are over halfway done! YEAH!

But since our R&R got cancelled I can't stop thinking about how Rob COULD be home next week but he isn't going to be and that just sucks. Thankfully it is already May and HOPEFULLY he will be home by Max's birthday. That is what we are hoping for. We were so fortunate that the timing worked out for Rob to be here when Max was born and we are praying for that same fortune that Rob will be home to celebrate Max's first birthday.

Max is just starting to babble, currently he prefers Babababababababa but we are working on DaDa, I think Rob would be estatic to hear those words from his boy when he finally makes it home to us. Keep praying for all of the soldiers that are deployed all over the world, they make sacrifices that many of us cannot imagine and some make the ultimate sacrifice for each of us.



At top is a pic that Grammy Pooh captured when Rob came home at Christmas

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