Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lucky or Blessed?

The idea of being lucky has always amused me...maybe because I have never considered myself a lucky person. BUT I have nearly always considered myself to be extremely blessed. There are days when it is a challenge to remember all of the blessings that have been given to us, don't we all have those days?

But I try and remind myself, when things are tough...when I question the Lord, what am I supposed to be learning? What do You want me to get out of this? Remember your Blessings Jess...

I have been immensely blessed with an AMAZING husband. I don't know if I sing his praises enough, I hope that I do... I know that I try to. I heard some amazing advice from Andi Baker Hawkins, the older sister of one of my great friends a long time ago. She told me and Savanah to always speak highly of your husband to others because it will get back to him. I have tried to remember that advice. Sure, I vent about Rob to my friends, I make fun of the silly things that he does but I do always try to point out how wonderful he is, because he really is. He has ALWAYS taken care of me to the very best of his ability. He cares for me, loves me, and builds me up like no one else. He accepts me, every ugly part of me that no one else sees and I only hope I can do the same for him. I find him incredibly smart, responsible, giving, generous to a fault, forgiving, loving, silly, funny and dang HAWT too.

So when someone told me the other day that I was so lucky, I didn't stop to correct them but I should have. I am not lucky, luck is believing that something happened just because, no reason, no motive, just because you got lucky. I don't believe in luck. But I do believe in blessings, blessings from our Heavenly Creator who holds each of us in his grasp, who sacrificed his son for you, for me, for each of us. I believe in His blessings, that He wants us to live a life of Victory and joy.

Next time you think about luck, whether you are lucky or unlucky substitute that word with Blessed. Or even better, Faith, because when we are faithful we are blessed.


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Runningmama said...

Wow I am wise and didnt even know it. Just kidding.

Love ya!