Monday, May 12, 2008

Mommy Brain and Mother's Day

So when you are pregnant you forget everything, you think it is really bad but it will go away once the baby is here right? Right? UMMMM, NO...then you get Mommy Brain. This is a syndrome that most new mommies are afflicted with. Symptoms include forgetting everything, forgetting that you forgot things, and general amnesia related to most things NBR, Non Baby Related.

My mommy brain has allowed me to forget some little things, like forgetting about laundry for 2 days as it sits in the washer (oh wait I did that pre-pg and pre-max) and some big things, like ordering a chocolate fountain for a prom. Thanks to my assistant for catching that one! Justo rocks!

My newest mommy brain happened yesterday on Mother's Day. My Dad got Max when he woke up at 5:30 and let me sleep until 7:30AM!~Gone are the days of sleeping in, I don't even remember sleeping past 8:00 in the past 7 months. We got up and hung out with the family until they left us to return to the great state of Texas. Max and I played until we went to meet Rob's family for lunch. It was a nice lunch, Max enjoyed grabbing my mashed potatoes, Fun times!

After Lunch, Max and I put down a blanket in our backyard, newly cut by Grandpa Lloyd and enjoyed the sunshine together. It was perfect weather and he loved being outside. It was a great Mother's Day with my monkey...we went back in and Max was super dirty so we headed to the bath. I gathered up all our stuff, I am quite talented at holding 42 things plus my 20 pound child and we went to the tub!

Max was loving splashing and slipping around, as usual but he almost fell over so I bent over to grab him and KERPLUNK! Splash, what just fell in the tub, SUBMERGED in the water, my cell phone! GREATTTTTT, I grabbed it out fast I could. See my mommy brain enabled me to forget that I stuck in down my shirt ( I told you I could hold 42 things right?) and it fell out!

I thought it was fine, it was still on, and I got some text messages but then I realized I cannot hear ANYTHING on it. So long story short, don't call me. My phone will ring, I will answer and then I will yell Hello? Hello? 42 times before getting frustrated and hanging up on will have to text me friends!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there and CHEERS to mommy brain, I hear it gets better someday!

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