Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Surprise! Rob is home for R&R!

Our possibility to get R&R changed so many times that we stopped counting. We decided to not expect it and if it happened, GREAT! So late last week when Rob let me know that he SHOULD be leaving soon, I still didn’t believe it until he called me from Kuwait in transit. Because we got such short notice we decided to keep it a surprise for everyone else! Max and I picked him up from the airport late Monday and our reunion was fantastic.

Our first day together as a family was wonderful. Max is doing so well with his DaDa and we are LOVING having him home for a few weeks. It is so wonderful to have him next to us in bed. I loved waking up and seeing his face with Max snuggled in between us.

So thank you to everyone out there who has been thinking of us, praying for us and sending us happy vibes. I couldn’t be happier to tell you that for now our family is complete once again!

Jesi, Rob and Max

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