Wednesday, July 2, 2008

All About Max

Yes I realize that my blog, titled Life with Mad Max has turned into a blog about my life, my faith, deployment, AND Max but I assure you he doesn’t mind. But for today I thought I would update everyone on my crazy child.

Max is 8.5 months old now, I can hardly believe that we are just 3.5 short months away from his first birthday!!! He is at a new daycare and loving it. He can stand on his own for about 5 seconds before flailing around and landing on his butt. He says three words, Baba (bottle) and DaDa (YAY MAX!! Rob LOVES IT) and for the very first time yesterday, MaMa (I yelled and clapped and he got super excited) He has SIX TEETH, two on bottom, all four on top! He loves to “walk” with you holding his hands; he loves to bang on things, and toys that make loud noises. He is quite jumpy, loud noises startle him. He gets the chills and it is really funny. He can clap and it is adorable.

He can take a bath in the big boy tub although it kills my back. He loves water and is very brave in the pool. He loves our crazy dog and loves other babies too. He loves conning his way into our bed by crying, knowing that with Daddy home he is golden on getting to sleep with us, He LOVES his Daddy and he loves Mommy too. He can crawl super fast now, even behind the couch and spends lots of time playing on the lower shelf of our coffee table.

He hates getting dressed, hates getting his diaper changed and hates when you lay him down for bed. He arches and rolls every time his butt hits the ground. He is SO STINKING CUTE. He has a lot of hair, an adorable albeit mischievous smile, and sparkly greenish brownish hazel eyes.

He loves to laugh, crawl to you, play in the tub, catch a second wind just before bedtime and he loves to love. He is AWESOME!

Happy 8th month sweet baby boy, this crazy mommy and your silly Daddy love you VERY VERY MUCH!
Jess and Rob

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Runningmama said...

Go ahead and make me cry! Max is SOOOO CUTE!! I can't believe he is already 8 months!! Charlie had his 10 month b-day on Monday. I am so glad you found me. I have not been updating as much as I want, but I've noticed the whole blogosphere being a little scarce since it summer and all. I am so glad that Rob is home for a little while. What is it like seeing him with Max? I bet Max is melting him! I don't think I have seen you since Savanah's wedding. I wish we were close enough to get our boys together to play. They are the perfect ages to play together.
I will be checking you often to see how you and Max are doing. Tomorrow is my 30th birthday if you can believe it. We are getting old. OK not you. Just me. Ha!!
Talk to you soon!
Love, A