Friday, July 18, 2008

Frazzled Friday

Dear goodness PLEASE tell me that separation anxiety is a phase.

My darling child pictured below has entered the ever so lovely time in his young life where he feels the need to scream hysterically and throw a big ol fashioned temper tantrum when you sit him down, walk away from him, or leave the room.

Let me just share with you that those three items are darn near impossible for me to avoid thanks to the U.S. Army. Thank you deployment! I have no one to hand my crazy child to when he is throwing a fit!

I love that dear boy but Mommy cannot go to work naked. Contrary to my husbands opinion the rest of the world has no desire, NO desire to see me nekked because Max refuses to let me get dressed. The result is that I simply sit him down, ignore him, walk around him and then he gets M-A-D. I have no idea where he got this temper…hmmm. Anyways, Mommy has to get dressed! Please for the love of all things cut me a break! Geesh.

On a positive note, It’s Friday! Yes, I am enjoying my jeans on casual Friday (I instituted this myself at work and everyone agreed) and another week is almost over.

Have a fantabulous weekend!
12 weeks left
76% done with the Stinkin Deployment


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