Monday, July 21, 2008

God's List

Happy Monday to all my secret readers out there! I know you are out there; I have that handy dandy sitemeter thingy doo whopper that lets me see when people come and visit the blog. It’s ok that you are all lurkers, but I do appreciate knowing that you are here! (However you are more than welcome to leave the occasional comment if you feel the love…I have to check sitemeter just to make sure I am not typing to no one!)

This weekend I had the pleasure of dropping off the monkey to Grammy Pooh’s house so that I could go to church, on a Saturday night, alone. WOW, how things change. I remember thinking that the people who actually went to church on Saturday nights were kind of weird because you know I had so much cooler things to do on a Saturday night. AND I remember dreading going to church alone, more often than not if I knew I would be alone I just wouldn’t go! Niccccceeeee.

Anyways, all I wanted to do on Saturday night was clean up the house, throw in some laundry, put mulch in my flower beds and then spend just ONE hour at church, alone, not distracted by my adorable child.

Let me tell you, I was so supposed to be there. First off, being able to praise completely openly with no embarrassment or self consciousness was amazing. I lifted my arms high and tears streamed down my face the ENTIRE time. It was the most open and freeing kind of praise that you can just feel in your gut.

Then I heard an awesome message and was inspired to make a list, much like the movie The Bucket List I wanted to write down the things I heard God calling me to do and my list was this.

1. Write a Book
2. Pray for Rob
3. Love
4. I have to be completely honest, I don’t remember #4 I swear that I did write down 4 things but I cannot think of the other one to save my life. Let’s just call that another point for Mommy Brain.

Yep, that’s it. That was my list. Rather short don’t you think? Not filled with skydiving or travels. Simple. Write a Book, Pray for Rob, Love. I think my life can be filled with those things for now. And no, I am not forgetting about the adorable child. I think he more than willingly falls into the love portion.

#1. Write a Book. Ok, I mentioned it in passing the other day. But I am more assured every day that God wants me to do this. So I am doing it. I am writing a book. Scary to share. I do not like failure. I am terrified to put my most private and darkest struggles in print but remember when I agreed to do what He called me to do? Well I think this may be it. I am writing a book for women who are going through what I have gone through and the journey I am still taking day by day. A book you can laugh at and cry through when you are left with a squeaking non sleeping newborn and your husband is away at war. Yep, I’m really doing it! My BF Savanah told me I would publish this book and be on Oprah, man I love her!

#2. Pray for Rob. If you are married you should probably be praying for your husband. I am afraid I have not prayed for Rob as much as I want to, as much as I could. You know and I know that he is in a war zone. A pretty stable location but nonetheless a WAR ZONE. So when God said Pray for Rob, you better believe I started praying for Rob. And rest assured that I talked to him twice yesterday so he is ok but I will spend time in prayer EVERY DAY until he comes home. Cause like I already said, God told me to!

#3. Love. I don’t have grandiose ideas of being a perfect parent and the Lord knows I have already failed that a million times. I do know that He wants me to LOVE on Max and in loving him, lead him to be a godly son, boy and someday MAN. So no, neither God nor I forgot about Max on the list. But I think everything else; on my own priority list that I shared the other day can fit into Love. Love my family, love my ministry, whatever it may be, love on people, love my friends, let the people most important to me know that I love them, Just LOVE.

What is on your God List? I encourage you to spend time in prayer this week, READ HIS WORD and ask him what He desires for your life. He might just surprise you!


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Christian said...

Hey, Jess & Rob! Thanks for the link to our photography site! That's very kind of you.

I love the Bucket List idea and had a long one before I got married. Got them all done, too! I think it's time for another one. Thanks for sharing yours!