Thursday, July 24, 2008


I had to post this picture of Max on his first motorcycle with his Papa Tom. Don’t be jealous Rob, soon enough, soon enough.

Anyways, it got me thinking about Max’s grandparents and how lucky he is to have them. He has quite the list…and quite the plethora of names to learn!
Granny Lisa and Coach G
Grandpa Lloyd and Grandma JuJu
Grammy Pooh and Pappy Lon
Papa Tom
Grandpa Conder & Susan

Great Grand Parents
South Carolina Granny
Grandma Dorothy
Grandpa Jack
Grandpa Dave and Grandma Sandy
Grandpa Claude and Grandma Mary
Grandma Billie
Grandpa and Grandma Maier
Grandpa and Grandma Conder
Pac and Granny Ma

And even his great-great grandmother
Grandma Vargas

And in Heaven, the ones who held him, kissed him and loved on him for the 31 hours I was in labor before finally letting him come down to us,
Grandma Marcie
Grandpa Jake

What a lucky boy!

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