Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stirred, not Shaken

I know you have all seen a James Bond movie right? What do you remember most about them? Well for me, I remember a lot of fast action scenes that quite frankly bore me to tears and two specific lines that everyone remembers.

Bond, James Bond
Shaken, not stirred

Today I thought about the line shaken, not stirred in relation to our faith. I know that there are moments in life that SHAKE our faith, we question our God, we get angry with Him or even worse we simply ignore His existence. There have been moments where my faith was shaken, the actions of others, the death of a child, taken far too soon, the challenges of disability endured by the sweetest of souls. In those moments I agreed with the statement, my faith was “shaken, not stirred”

Lately though I have found the opposite true for my walk with Him. My faith has been Stirred, but NOT shaken. Take that Bond, James Bond.

I will not be shaken by the tragedies that we see in everyday life. I won’t let the devil leave me shakin in my boots when I see another bomb go off in Iraq or Afghanistan. I won’t quiver in fear when the house is dark and I am alone. I may be stirred, may feel my heart move for a family, feel compassion for a soldier, and be proactive in my safety but I will not be fearful and cast down by the devil, he’s a sneaky little guy and he wants to take your faith set firm on the rock of Christ and leave you SHAKEN.

Don’t take it anymore, Be a GOD girl not a Bond girl, Stirred but not shaken.

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