Friday, August 8, 2008

PPW Update

As many of you know I have been using the Power of a Praying Wife book to pray specific intentional prayers over Rob in all areas of his life.

I have really loved getting to know more about my husband through this process. It gives me such joy to give him the gift of prayer on a daily basis. I feel like it is a simple way to show him that he is a priority to me. No matter what else is going on, he is at the forefront of my prayer life.

The other day I recieved a regular phone call from Rob. As we caught up on our busy, yet routine weeks we started discussing the PPW journey I have been on. I wanted to remind him that I was still praying for him and let him know that the night before I had prayed for His Reputation.

In another awesome proof of God's hand in our lives, Rob told me that the day before he had taken his E-5 boards, his tests that will help to determine if he gets promoted (long overdue in my humble opinion)after returning home.

How awesome is God and the power of prayer? AWESOME! I was led to pray for Rob's reputation on the very day that his skills, leadership and character were being tested by his superiors.

Encouraged to ALWAYS be a Praying Wife

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