Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beyond a Doubt

A good friend, a woman I have seen as a mentor, and like a family member for most of my life inspired me to write some poetry. I am so thankful that I am not this girl, although I have my moments...but I see her all around me and it breaks my heart.

She is beautiful beyond a doubt
But her makeup covers an inside hurt
Started long ago
By the person she most needed to love her
To show her she was worthy
Of a pure love
A kind touch
A sweet word

She is beautiful to the world
Wide smile
Sparkling eyes
Her clothing chosen so carefully
Her hair is perfect
To cover the ugly mess inside
Sometimes the fight inside her is too strong
It emerges
In shadows behind her eyes
The pain
Manifesting itself into anger

She is beautiful beyond a doubt
She seeks the Lord
She seeks love
She seeks approval
In the smallest glance
In the biting words

Will you still love her?
Even if
She is ugly
She is rude
She is unkind
She is hateful
She is jealous
She fails
She succeeds

She is watching you
Seeking your smiles
Longing for your gaze
Longing for your love
Your nod of approval
Builds her up inside
Your unspoken words haunt her
Your doubt makes her doubt her self
Your fury strangles her soul
Your judgment hardens her

If you love her
Even if
Despite of
She is beautiful beyond a doubt
And she believes it
If only for a moment
She is beautiful

Sometimes the smallest encounter can leave us changed. Be reminded that others are watching you. They are hurting. They are lonely. They are seeking. They are looking to you to understand why you seem to have it all together. Even if you don’t. Christ’s love has changed you and you sparkle, your inner peace is illuminated to those who are living in darkness. Show them the light. They are watching.



Runningmama said...

You write that? That was awesome. Usually I expect poetry to be too rhyme-y and sound weird. That was so good. I love it. You should definately post more poems.

Jess said...

Aw Shucks Andi...you're too kind!