Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary Love

Three years ago today, on September 17th, 2005, I walked down the aisle underneath the glorious dome of the State Capitol and said I do to Rob.

Two weeks before that, he almost got called up to deal with the aftermath of Katrina. I cried and he fixed it.

In January 2005 we lost his grandmother, and I watched my soldier cry. I cried along with him.

On November 19th, 2004 he proposed to me on a horse drawn carriage trotting along the lights of downtown. And I said yes.

In September 2003, he left for Afghanistan and we said goodbye. And one year later, we said Hello again, you're home.

In September 2001, he called me, as we watched the news over and over again, seeing the planes crash into the World Trade Center. I cried, he filled up my car with gasoline and went to serve.

On June 9, 1999, he said Happy Birthday, I love you and I watched him walk away, get on plane and start his service to the Army.

On May 19th, 1999, he asked me to be his, and I said Yes.

On May 9th, 1999, I kissed him, in the rain, and he smiled.

In April 1999, I smiled, his eyes caught mine and my heart would never be the same.

Through all of the Hello's, Goodbyes, Yes's and I love you's I have never regretted a moment with him.

He is my heart, my best friend, my companion, my closest confidante, my biggest supporter, my favorite person, my other half, my total opposite, my compliment, the father of my child, my love, my husband.

He is Rob and I love him more now than ever before.

Happy Anniversary Babe.
I can't wait to celebrate.

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