Thursday, September 18, 2008


I started my morning like I start every morning. I turn on my desk lamp and I open up Internet Explorer. I check my email and then I head to my blog. I click down my list of favorites and check for updates. NO, I don’t have a reader and I don’t really want one. I love clicking on each and every one of my favorites with the glimmer of hope that there will be an update. I LOVE updates…I love blogs…I pink puffy HEART them all.

So this morning, I clicked on one of my favorite favorites here and YAY! An update waiting just for me. I started reading this post and got farther into it, and farther in, a twinkle of envy over the experience I was reading about and THEN BLAM! My friend Andi won an AWARD for her writing based on this post at a writing conference. How amazingly awesome is that? I am SO happy for her; it actually made me smile in glee. And then I sent her a comment about how she had to read and critique and edit my book with her award winning eyeballs.

Tis True, the book is still underway. I presented my BFF and accountability partner with a copy last Friday. It’s tough for me to share it. My heart is all wrapped up in its writings and I am not the biggest fan of rejection. So far, she likes it…so it’s all good in the hood. And anyways, I am reminded OVER and OVER and OVER again the purpose God gifted me with for that book. His purpose with that book is for me to help one person. So if I have to publish it myself at Kinko’s and sell it here on my own little blog (or give it away) and it never sees a Best Sellers list or the bright lights of Barnes and Nobles (my personal heaven) BUT it helps just ONE SINGLE PERSON, opens their eyes to Christ’s love and provides them a sense of comfort and companionship and understanding, it’s purpose will be fulfilled.

Speaking of, I would like to present you with my book’s title. It’s in my heart, it’s in my head and I love it. My Book… “Military Mommy, Finding Faith and Surviving Motherhood when Daddy’s Deployed” That’s it. That’s the title. What do you think? Eerily similar to my header? Yep. It’s been there for awhile but that is what I want to write about. I want a woman to pick up my book because she is terrified of what she is about to endure, open its pages, cry her head off, laugh until she cries again, and then sit in awe of God’s love for her. I want it to change her life. I want it to make her happy, to provide her with His joy and I want it to challenge her, to make her question herself so that she can be the best she could ever be, BETTER than she ever imagined. I want her to take a journey like mine, not MY journey, but like mine. I want her to enter her deployment with dread, hanging on for dear life, fingernails dragging as she tries to hold onto her normal and THEN when it’s all over, I want her to look back and see her deployment as one of the GREATEST BLESSINGS of her life.

Because it happened to me…it’s still happening. I never in a million years thought I would look back at this year and love it. I missed my husband, I cried, I threw temper tantrums, I lost my temper and I got frustrated with my monster but I LOVED it. And I wouldn’t change it for a moment. God’s hand was in this deployment; he grabbed me in the murk and drew me close. He protected me. And He is opening up a vision over my life that I never even imagined. He has given me a vision to help people. To show them the way back to Him. He has given me a vision of me speaking to a group of women about this book. LIL OL ME. And I believe it, because I believe in Him.

He is good. All the time. Even in deployments. He is Awesome.


3 Weeks Left with this Stinkin Deployment!
We are 94% DONE!

Stay tuned loyal secret readers. Tomorrow I will tell you all about my second interview with the ministry opportunity.


Runningmama said...

Jess, Savanah told me about your book already and I am so immensely intrigued. I cannot wait to read it, and I seriously think you could find a publisher. There is nothing like this book out there. I think you should look into going to a conference. It is the best way to get connected and learn the ropes.

Jess -- you can write. Your posts are clean, witty and insightful. One thing I learned at this conference is the value of starting in magazine articles. Are there any military publications you could submit to? Lets check it out... I want to encourage you to pursue this. I really think you can do it. You have a talent.

Here is my email: Lets talk more and maybe I can help you find a good conference near you. Mine was only $200 total. Not too bad for what I learned and connections I made.

Love you tons.

O yeah, squeeze the monster for me.:-)

Christy Johnson said...

It was so awesome to finally meet you yesterday! Hard to imagine, we've been at the same church for eight years and it took God blogging to bring us together. How cool is that?