Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Living amongst the lost

It’s not always fun…

As I read through my favorite blogs I am surprised to see how many of these people work in ministry. While I imagine it definitely has its hardships, I can only imagine the glory of working for a cause that you so passionately believe in AND finding yourself in a workplace with coworkers who actually believe in God.

Now I am not saying that working in ministry is easy, or even fun all the time, or that all those Christian co workers are perfect and friendly and its one big group hug singing Kumbaya. (seriously is that how you spell that?) I know that isn’t the reality of working in ministry but sometimes I envy that workplace.

Working with the lost and broken does not make a happy workplace. As I am surrounded by angry, critical, negative people I am reminded to look at them the way Jesus sees them. WWJD anyone? I only wore that bracelet for one season so I’m not sure enough of the message rubbed off on me.

I am guilty of NOT seeing them the way Jesus sees them. When I am under attack and ESPECIALLY when MY employees are under attack I get angry. I get really frustrated. AND I get really ugly.

But when I stop and see them with the eyes of Christ I see a lot of broken, hurting hearts surrounding me in this place. I see women whose hearts were shredded by infidelity. I see families broken into many parts. I see men whose hearts are so saddened by the lack of love and companionship that they attack with no warning, suddenly and brutally, seeking to feel just a little bit better when they tear someone else down to their level.

It can be an awesomely ugly place to work. It can feel very mean and bitter and full of tension. It can feel like a cocoon that is constantly under spiritual attack. And it is. And I guess my job here is to stop the chaos. To bite back the ugly words of my flesh and control my reaction. To love on the hurting. To show them that there are people so filled with Christ’s love that they don’t attack back, even when the attacks are insanely ugly.

So while I am here, I am here. I am here to love the unlovable. To smile at the grouchiest of all and gosh darnit to just kill em with kindness.

Fighting off Ugly


Runningmama said...

I am so glad you are planted in a place that needed your light. You are a special girl.

One thing about working in a secular place... when your coworkers act like selfish boobs you can blame it on the lack of spiritual connection. In a church when they act like selfish boobs it is just because they are selfish boobs. And... you will have to be with them forever. I'm not even exaggerating.

Jess said...

So true Andi, so true!