Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bad Morning

Ohhhhhhhh as a Military Mommy have I had some BAD mornings. And by BAD, I mean terrible. There was the time that I was already running behind and Max threw up all down the back of my shirt just as we were leaving.

There was the time that I was laying in bed with him, cuddling my monster when he started projectile vomiting all over me and the bed.

There was the time that we were already in the car, loaded up and on the road when I heard sputtering and choking and Max was projectile vomiting all over the backseat.

Man, my kid pukes a lot.

Not really, it's just that those moments of stress seem to stick out to me more than the tranquil mornings spent eating cheerios and watching Backyardigans.

Like this morning, when I was leisurely laying on the couch with Max, stroking his head and wondering if he was getting a fever. "Man I sure hope Max doesn't have a fever, I need to get ready for work. AHHHHHHHHHHH WORK!" I totally forgot that I had a breakfast event at work, I was supposed to be at work 40 minutes ago. DANGIT.

I literally grabbed Max and ran into my bedroom. I called my assistant and yelled that I was a total idiot and forgot about the event. "Please save me!" He did, he went in and handled everything.

But as I ran around in a panic, I was inwardly beating myself black and blue.
"I cannot believe I did that"
"I never do this"
"I'm so late"
"*&$&*)&&)" (just being honest here)

As I got in the car I remembered that Max needed wipes, and milk at school. OH LORD, why today? WHY WHY WHY?!?!

Finally we made it. I got Max to school, wipes and milk in hand. I got to work, smoothed things out with my client and confessed to my boss. I talked to God.
"Lord why am I such a mess?"
"What are you doing with me?"
"I have no business telling people what they should do! Look at me, I'm a disaster!"

And He reminded me that we are all a mess, we are all a disaster. None of us are worthy, we are only making it through life because of His Grace. His grace. His never ending Grace.

He gave me so much grace this morning. He took my mess, my disaster and he smoothed it out for me. His hand gently smoothed out the wrinkles and imperfections of my morning and reminded me that it all comes back to His Grace. And I am so thankful for it.

Wishing you a better morning than mine. Filled with His Grace.

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