Monday, October 27, 2008

Grocery Shopping aka My Least Favorite thing in the world

As I was perusing my favorite blogs, I came across a post that chastised us Americans for complaining about grocery shopping. After all, there are millions of people starving across the world, living in true poverty, and we have the audacity to complain about walking the overflowing aisles of our local air conditioned grocery store.

And while I totally and completely understood the point, I had to disagree. Yes, I understand how incredibly lucky we have it as Americans. I am not taking away anything from the thousands of people who would do anything to shop in a grocery store BUT as a military mommy, I detest and utterly despise grocery shopping.

Let’s just say that dragging along your child who is in a catatonic and overtired state of mind after 8 hours at daycare to the local Target is no fun trip. When said child conks out in the backseat after you finally make it out of the store alive, all is great...until you get home, to an empty house, and you try to figure out how to juggle sleeping baby tiger and bag upon bag of grocery items.

Do you let the Weight Watchers ice creams bars melt as you deal with the screeching baby, or do you try to juggle both, or do you turn off the car, close the garage door, open the car doors, and run back and forth like a mad woman, dumping grocery bags in the entryway, allowing yourself 3-4 minutes of unloading before you unbuckle the sleeping dragon that is your tired 10 month old?

Why are the simplest things so dang hard when you are doing it alone? Grocery shopping as a military mommy quickly became my least favorite thing in the world....that is until the dog bed story, but that’s another story for another day.

What’s your least favorite everyday task in the world as a military mommy?



Jenn said...

I'm getting ready to do this today and feeling the same way.

it's me, just me, nothing fancy, just simple me said...

i must say that we love grocery shopping, but then again thus far, 11 months and counting into this deployment, we've lived back home with my parents. so, our shopping consists of a few bags. but come december, i'll be doing my own juggling act for two months.

my least favorite task: the bedtime routine. it's bittersweet. i don't like having to do it all, by the end of the day i'm tired too. but the hardest part is praying for aaron and watching the bedtime story and saying 'good night' all by myself. and then tucking myself into bed.

Jesi said...

Ahhhh, the bedtime routine is hard! The worst was when Max was little and wouldn't go to sleep. I spent many nights, both of us crying in the chair in his nursery....lots of praying happened in that chair at bedtime.