Thursday, October 30, 2008


I never said I was good at math but here we go...

One case of croup
Two red inner ears
A few new teeth (hiding amongst the gums)
Lots of drool
1 Doctors visit
Robitussin DM
Vicks SALVE (as Coach G calls it)
1 Cool Mist Humidifier
2 prescriptions
4 middle of the night wake ups
30 minutes of cartoons at 3:30AM
2 very tired parents
1 mommy with a headache
1 amazing husband and Daddy who took the last shift
and 1 very tired little boy named Maximus

I never did like Math.


Runningmama said...

No good. What show did you watch in the middle of the night? I always get stuck with this weird show that people high on acid created. I think its called boobah. It creeps me OUT. Its all "boobah" in this far off creepy voice. eeeek!!!

Jess said...

Bwhahaha! That is so funny!

We watched some Recess and some Little Mermaid cartoon! Fun times!

Cayman's Mom said...

yuck! yuck! no fun! i must i had a similar night the other night, but no back up. the worst part, cayman woke up screaming, 'dadddie, daddie!' but, we made it through the night and things are back on track... well, except for the four teeth that have decided to sprout all at the same time! but cayman's a total trooper about teething. you wouldn't know he was teething if i didn't tell you. hope max gets to feeling better!

Peggy said...

I remember those nights, lol. Hope Mr. Max is feeling better and will be able to trick or treat! I had that junk a few weeks ago and it's no fun. Happy Halloween!