Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'd like to introduce you to my friend

I'd like to take today to introduce you to my friend, my sister in this crazy world that we call the Military, Jackie.

Check out her most recent post on her new blog, True Confessions of an Army Wife.

When I stumbled across another Army wife and military mommy on an internet forum earlier in the year I decided to take a moment and chat with this woman that I have never met.

Our stories were similiar, young baby boys, husbands gone, stong believers in Christ. We were destined to know each other, if only through the blogosphere. Even though we have never met, and maybe never will, I consider her a friend.

Jackie is the ultimate Military Wife. She sends her husband Aaron, homemade goodies and amazing care packages on a set schedule. She has carried her laptop around in case he can webcam. She is positive and sweet and loves her husband, despite the hard circumstances that the military has given her.

Beyond that, she is an amazing military mommy, my sister in Christ, an inspiration to me, and should be an inspiration to you too. She has it together and she is making it day by day, counting down the weeks, getting through the holidays, and raising a beautiful, healthy, strong, SuperBaby named Cayman.

If you don't already know Jackie from her blog, go check her out. I promise you will leave inspired by the courageous heart of another military wife and mommy, surviving this thing we call deployment. Kudos to Jackie, for all that she does!

Pray for her, Aaron and Cayman too.


it's me, just me, nothing fancy, just simple me said...

why is it that all your blog posts make me cry! these are happy tears though! thank you for your super kind words... they made my day to know that somewhere out there my words, my experiences, me and our crazy life are helping someone make it one day at a time, just like God had intended it to be. thank you! you are an inspiration to me, too! and who knows, maybe our paths will cross one day in the real world.

Jesi said...

You are an inspiration!

Stay strong...It's already November!