Tuesday, January 6, 2009

All Signs Point to Now

Do you ever sit and watch the world around you moving forward, changing and you hear the messages from God in the very fiber of your being? You know what He wants you to do. You feel the push and all signs point to now. Or to New.

I feel like 2009 is going to be a revolutionary year for our family and for myself. Finally, Rob is home with us and everything feels right as a family. I started a business that I love, and I see the stars aligning. My passions, my interests, my hobbies, my connections are aligning into something that I can tangibly see as success.

My baby is growing into a boy, but more and more a mama’s boy everyday. My heart breaks when he cries as I leave him. When his toddler steps run back to me. Don’t leave Mama.

My heart swells with love and thankfulness when I sit in my church. Feeling the peace of family, friendships and surrender. Sitting and knowing that I have given this life up to Him. Signing a tithes check when it doesn’t always make sense on paper. Reaping the tremendous blessings of faithfulness. Watching it all work out, every single time.

Feeling the warmth of my husband as he gently snores next to me, scooting my feet under the heavy warmth of Deuce at our feet, wrapping my arms around the soft breathing and skin that is Max next to me.

Surrounded by love. Knowing there is a reason for every step of our path. Feeling ready for New, Now. All signs point to a fabulous 2009.

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